Commercial utility brokers

Our specialist energy brokers can find tailored solutions for your business gas and electricity by acquiring competitive prices directly from the entire marketplace. We have access to exclusive deals that other broker organisations don't have. Best of all, we'll manage the whole switching process on your behalf.

The free and impartial business energy service

There are three ways to utilise our independent commercial utility brokers who'll find the best possible pricing for your requirements. The starting process is the same whether you're an SME with low usage or a large corporate high energy user.

All these methods put you in touch with our utility and energy representatives. They'll obtain the best prices for your commercial gas and electric supplies.

Why use our gas and electricity broker service?

We help literally thousands of UK businesses each year to find the best possible prices in the marketplace and switch them to the right tariffs. If you've received a renewal notice with an increase in prices, then we can help you save money. Here's a breakdown of our broker service:

  • You get access to the best prices possible.
  • We do all the work on your behalf.
  • There are no fees - the service is completely free of charge.
  • We're completely independent of any supplier.
  • We handle all paperwork and administration.

We do not favour one energy company over another. We're simply interested in saving your business money. How do we offer this service for free? We get paid a small commission from the energy company you select.

The business energy procurement process

For half hourly metered customers

The tendering process is time-consuming so let us do the hard work on your behalf. If you have a half hourly meter installed, then we need your authorisation to analyse the data. We'll automatically produce an authorisation letter from the details you enter online.

  1. Enter your meter, consumption, and company details online.
  2. Complete the online letter of authorisation form.
  3. We'll tender your business to a range of preferred suppliers.
  4. Choose the option that best fits your business circumstances.
  5. Sign your new contract and benefit from the new rates.

Once we have this information, we'll tender the market for the best prices and handle all paperwork on your behalf.

03 and 04 SME metered customers

If you don't have a 00 or half hourly meter, then you can undertake the whole process online. The entire process could take as little as one minute to find rates and switch your contract.

  1. Enter your meter details online.
  2. Select the tariff that offers the cheapest prices.
  3. Complete the electronic contract signatory requirements.
  4. Start the new agreement when your current contract expires.

Our unique online quoting system has access to live prices from all the energy companies so you'll get the latest rates available. Our system also allows you to switch to the new rates online. This unique proposition saves you time and money as it takes less than one minute to complete the whole process.

Specialist energy buying

In addition to offering standard pricing quotes, we also offer advanced buying options using our many years' experience and industry knowledge.

  • Basket pricing tendering
  • Energy management software and systems in a wide range of reporting formats.
  • Invoice and contract price validation.
  • Contract renewal reminder communication.
  • Leverage multi-site meter operations to lower tariff rates.
  • Ensure you have the correct meters installed to take account of off-peak prices.
  • Conduct energy consumption audits to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Contact us to find out how these services can save your business money today.

Commercial gas and electricity suppliers we use

Within this competitive marketplace are the traditional "Big Six" suppliers controlling the majority of the market with 50 or so smaller companies mainly targeting the SME sector.The big multi-national companies generate and sell energy in the UK retail market. Their buying power ensures a competitive industry despite increasing global wholesale costs.

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