business electricity suppliers

Getting the cheapest business energy for electricity and gas is just 60 seconds away. The main electricity suppliers in the UK can all provide online quotes no matter what size of business you run from a small business to a large commercial organisation.

Comparing business electricity suppliers online

You can make massive savings on your business energy by switching your supply from your current energy provider to another or simply by getting up to date rates and prices for the cheapest tariffs in a market that has already gone through deregulation. Your energy supply will not be interrupted during the switch over process and if you manage your account online and pay by monthly direct debit you can get cheaper rates as well.

Switch and reduce costs

If you just stay with your current supplier and not renegotiate your contract then your prices are likely to increase as you will be on a roll over contract. You must get new rates each year even if you want to stay with the energy company you are already with.

Just by getting a quote you'll get the best prices and nearly always the cheapest rates are to be found online. You can also use business comparison websites that will show you the big 6 energy companies tariffs side by side or simply go to each website in turn for an online quote.

By doing this you can save thousands of pounds in electric and gas costs each year - just for a few minutes online.

big 6 suppliers

In reality there are just six suppliers in the uk that provide uk homes and businesses with their gas and electricity although smaller and specialist providers exists such as those that just concentrate on renewable energy.

These suppliers are British Gas, Southern Electric, Eon energy, Edf energy, Scottish Power and npower and their prices vary around the regions and for businesses could vary greatly so it's always best to get quotes from them all to see which one will provide the best for your business.

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