Half hourly metering

Almost every large business in the UK has a half hourly electricity meter installed at their premises. Those that use the most electric power are required to have these meters installed by law. Other businesses can opt in to have them on a voluntary basis.

Over time, all business users will change to have smart metering systems swapped for their existing meters under a long-term plan by the government. All buildings will automatically hook up to smart meters so that they can monitor electric usage and make efficiency savings recommendations to cut costs.

How to check if you have these meters installed

Half hourly electricity meter example

It's very easy to see if your business already has a half hourly meter at your premises by looking at the meter number. The meter number begins with an "S" (capital letter) then two rows of numbers. If the top row starts with "00", then you have a half hour meter (HHM). The first two numbers indicate the profile class reference number representing the usage demand over time.

Other meter numbers range from 03 to 08. If your meter begins with 05, 06, 07 or 08, this indicates the meter is a light usage or a voluntary HHM. The bottom row of numbers is your MPAN or Meter Point Administration Number. You'll need this to register with the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme as well as if you're thinking of switching your energy provider.

What does a half hourly meter do?

Reading meter data

In its basic format, the meter simply sends a reading every half hour back to the energy company that's supplying the electricity. The readings are undertaken mainly by a mobile phone type of connection although some use fixed phone lines.

Having automated readings means the meters do not have to be manually read. Bills are always 100% accurate, up to date and the data used to manage energy efficiency programmes via software. Many options exist either directly with the energy company or with the business installing a professional system themselves.

All businesses that have a half hourly meter installed are automatically part of the CRC carbon emissions trading scheme.

Tendering your business requirements

The purchasing process is quite time-consuming, so we offer all half hourly metered customers a fast, free and tailored procurement process. Simply enter your data online and we'll take care of the rest.

We'll tender to all energy companies to get the best prices for you and switch contracts on your behalf. There's no charge for this service, and we'll also provide access to our energy management software systems.

Further information on energy management systems

Commercial energy management software enhancements

Half hourly metering is the most popular type of meter for most of the UK business customers that automatically sends your usage data back to your supplier each half hour.

Your energy provider can use this data to see instantly what your consumption is at any particular time. You'll also receive reports online to check historical consumption data.

You can then introduce energy efficiency measures to reduce your consumption with the aid of proven tools and techniques or through your account manager at your energy provider.

Using and managing this data should reduce your energy costs over time.

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