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Lower your commercial electricity bills the today by comparing live prices online from all energy companies in the UK. By using our unique quoting system, you'll not only receive the best tariff rates but can also switch online.

The Utilities Intermediaries Association authorises our specialist system for all business users and accesses the latest price information online. As we're an independent broker, we simply list the results in order of the amount of savings you'll receive. The impartial service does not favour one supplier over another.

If you've recently received a renewal letter with an increase of 30% or more, then we can help you switch to the cheapest rates available today. The fast process operates in the same manner when switching your home energy bills.

The online quoting system is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you need any help at all, then please contact our experts on 0800 566 8462 who can help you through the whole process.

We guarantee we can save you money from your renewal prices

With a wide range of business customers, our trained telephone advisors will find the package to suit you. Many business owners switch without discovering the full range of options for commercial energy users.

If you've never looked at a business price comparison site before, then your energy costs are likely too high. By comparing and switching, we can save your company thousands of pounds. Put your alliances to one side and see just how much your company can save.

Our guide to finding the optimum market prices

Compare all the electricity and gas companies in one place

The energy giants want you to renew at higher rates because these are at least 30% higher than if you got a quote from one of their competitors. Even if we provide rates from your current supplier, they'll be lower than your renewal letter!

We've saved some companies hundreds of thousands of pounds per year, just by auditing their current bills and contracts. So switch and save today.

We also take care of all the formalities for you. Our customer advisors and professional commercial utility brokers are here to advise, should you have any concerns about switching.

Frequently asked questions

How does the journey for transferring suppliers work?

Choosing a new commercial electricity supplier
Choose the supplier that offers the best deal using our comparison calculator. Uncover all the information about the suppliers and tariffs on the results page. You can search by price, customer service rating or green tariffs.

You can choose from the following companies: British Gas, CNG, Corona, Eon, EDF, Npower, Opus, Powergen, SSE, Scottish Hydro, ScottishPower, Shell Gas, or Total Energy.

Once you've chosen your new supplier, provide us with the figures that will form the basis of your contract. We then pass these to your new supplier who'll then arrange the switch.

You'll be sent an email to confirm the details of the switch and a contact point for your new supplier.

Within four weeks of your application, you'll receive a resource transfer date from your new supplier. This letter details your transfer date. You should take a meter reading and send it to your new supplier for an accurate transfer. You should also pass the reading to your current supplier so they can arrange your final bill.

Will there be any interruption to my supply?

Energy supplies to businesses when switching
No, there'll be no interruption at all. There's no need to change any meters, wires or pipes as your new supplier will use the same ones as your old supplier. The only changes that you'll notice will be a lower bill and improved customer provision from your new supplier.

To switch to a new supplier, do I need to contact my old supplier?

Switching Commercial Electricity communications
Your new supplier organises the transfer from your old supplier. You should ensure that your new supplier receives a final meter reading from you so that they can organise a final bill with your old supplier. Please note that your old supplier may contact you to try to get you to change your mind.

If I want a Direct Debit tariff, do you need my personal details?

No, you can request a paper Direct Debit form that your new supplier will post to you. You can then fill out your bank information and return it to them in your own time. In any event, we would recommend that you complete Direct Debit forms online on our secure servers as this will save you time in the long run.

How can I save as much money as possible?

Select the tariff you're on with your current supplier. Enter your figures into the calculator and submit your search with the default settings. Your quotes show all options with the cheapest supplier listed at the top of the results table. You'll see the savings made against your current contract clearly displayed.

I'm not sure who my current supplier is; how do I find out?

A recent fuel bill shows the name of your current supplier. If you've just taken on new premises contact the Meter Point Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 for gas supplies. To find your current electricity supplier, contact your landlord, letting agency or your regional electricity company.

What is my electricity meter number (or MPAN)?

Meter number (MPAN)
Your MPAN is the unique identifying number of the electric meter at your property. The sequence, often referred to as a "Resource Number" or "S" number, is printed on your electricity bill or meter. If you can't locate your number, you should contact your supplier. We have a special system on the site that looks up your meter number automatically for 98% of UK addresses.

Our promise to you

By switching energy provider from your current deal, you can save up to 60% on your costs. If you haven't looked at your prices for more than one year, then you're guaranteed to make savings even though the wholesale price has increased.

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